Summer dresses

Summer dressI want some summer dresses that I can feel comfortable wearing. They must be dresses that don’t draw attention to fat, sagging, stretch mark covered breasts, fat arms and shoulders and a belly that’s housing 3 large fibroids. Finding such summer dresses, especially with an empty wallet has so far proven impossible. For one thing I absolutely refuse to wear dresses or tops that have no sleeves and designers seem to think all women prefer sleeveless or strapless dresses. Dresses with sleeves, whether it’s long-sleeved dresses or short-sleeved dresses don’t appear to be too common. I can understand a shortage of long-sleeved dresses as those aren’t so fantastic either, but where are the short sleeved long summer dresses? And by short I mean sleeves that are half-way or three-quarters way to the elbow. Not sleeves that still leave your fat ugly arms on full display.

As you can tell I am not a fan of my arms. I’m working on toning them but I’m not close to having the nicely toned ballerina arms I used to have. I gained way more weight than I realized and I’m having trouble getting rid of it without starving myself which I don’t have the willpower to do like once upon a time. I go through phases where I manage to keep myself to 500 calories per day and drop 5 pounds but then I go back eating without consciousness and gain back the weight and then some. It’s a frustrating cycle that’s tied to an enormity of stress and a deep and long-standing battle with self-loathing and subsequent depression; but I’m determined to get it under control.

However, I’m talking about summer dresses here. I’m looking for some summer dresses that will work with my figure instead of against it. My problem is, my figure is all over the place. One minute I’m wearing a size 4, the next minute I’m wearing a size 6, the next minute I’m wearing a size 8 and the next a size 10 and my size literally fluctuates back and forth like that from week to week. Then there are these fibroids and all the crap that goes with having them. Because of the fibroids I probably need to look in the maternity section for clothes; but they don’t make nice summer dresses for poor pregnant women. They make them for rich women as evidenced by the maternity dresses worn by Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie and other recently pregnant or currently pregnant celebrity women. They have no problem finding great long summer dresses that work with a pregnant body instead of against it. You won’t find the kind of clothes they wear at Walmart that’s for sure.

So what’s a poor girl to do to find some nice summer dresses she can wear and feel good in? I’m thinking I might have to make my own. But therein lies another problem. I don’t have a sewing machine and obviously, if I can’t even pay my rent, I can’t afford the luxury of a sewing machine. I also can’t sew per se. But I do have some design ideas for nice summer dresses for women with imperfect figures. I also have a feeling I can’t possibly be the only woman who would love to find some nice affordable summer dresses. Maybe I should make that my business venture. After all, this whole thing is about my mission to become rich and I certainly won’t become rich just by sitting around here rambling on. I’ve proven that already.

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