Acoustic Foam: Why Corners Need Bass Absorbers

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Installing sound absorption panels is more than just haphazardly placing them on your walls. Different types of acoustic foam can serve different functions for improving the sound quality within a room. For example, you can use drop ceiling tiles for your ceiling and traditional acoustic wedge panels for your walls. For the most balanced sound in recording studios, listening rooms, and home bedrooms, it might be a good idea to place bass absorbers in your corners.

The size and shape of a room can manipulate sound waves in different ways. Bass and low-frequency sound waves tend to be very prominent in smaller rooms such as the aforementioned recording studios. Low-frequency sound waves can be challenging to treat because they are long and spread out in all directions. However, it should be noted that low-frequency sound waves tend to build up in boundary sections.

Thus, it is easier to stop them by installing bass blockers in your corners. Low-frequency sound waves tend to be very strong, so it’s unlikely that you can block them out completely, but bass absorbers will help you control them by dissipating their energy as heat. This will ensure that the shape of your room will not interfere with recordings or listening parties.

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