Compare Features of Hearing Aids 2021

A hearing aid can be a very pricey device to invest in. We have found a selection of hearing aids that can perform just as efficiently as the more expensive brands. Read on to make your choice with comparisons of both affordable and expensive devices. is our number one choice. Delivering on wearability, superior sound quality, battery life, tinnitus masking and customer support with a money-back trial period. These devices are pre-programmed for the most common hearing loss issues. Personal adjustments can be made on the device for your convenience.

Brand Batteries Size Ear Buds Noise Reduction Money Back guarantee
Hue Hearing A10 disposable Multiple sizes ITE Yes 90 days
Bose Sound 312 disposable Standard BTE Yes 90 days
Lexie Rechargeable Small BTE Yes 45 days
Audicus 312 disposable Small BTE Yes 45 days

How To Choose The Best Device For You?

Appearance and comfort are important to have an invisible, discreet device that helps the user feel confident, ITE (in the ear) or RIC (receiver in canal) devices must fit snugly and securely in the ear or canal.

Battery life is a big factor as many hearing-impaired people are having to wear their devices for many hours and therefore batteries need to be long-life 30 hours or more.

Sound quality, Bluetooth, noise reduction or tinnitus masking are all features that need to be considered when purchasing your device.

With Hue Hearing, you will get 24-hour support, sound quality, appearance and comfort a good long-life battery and a small discreet ITE comfortable device.

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