Create Abundance Book Review: Tapping into the Cosmic Energy of the Universe

The new book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue helps us learn all about cosmic energy. This is a powerful force in the universe. Most of us are not taking advantage of this because we do not know how. We need to learn what cosmic energy is and how to use it for our good. This is just one of the topics found the book.

The entire universe revolves around you. Do you have a sense of it? Every day, there is so much life going on all around us. While some trees, plants, animals, and insects are born, others die. This is also true of humans. Every day, almost 300,000 infants are born. Regardless of how much life surrounds us, we must never treat it cruelly. Life must be embraced with tenderness at all times.

A person’s acts, according to the Karma idea, have deeper meanings. What we do to others comes back to haunt us. As a result, it’s critical to always reach out with compassion. When we connect with negative actions, our behaviors have the potential to come back to haunt us. We do harvest what we sow, after all.

As we understand about cosmic energy, Karma and other forces of the universe, we can begin to use them to help our lives improve. We can get a better sense of how the world works and where we fit into it.

This quote comes from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

“Changing for the better will make you feel happy, tranquil and satisfied. Create an unfailing force to fulfill all your dreams. This is the rhythm of a God-embracing life which deserves wellbeing!”