Three Things to Expect at a Custody Hearing

When you attend your custody hearing, you can have a Long Beach divorce attorney present to help with your case. There are a few things that you should be prepared for with the case so that you are displayed in the best light possible in terms of getting custody, or partial custody, of your child.

Smaller Setting

The custody hearing is one that will be in a smaller environment than most court cases. This is to allow the parents, the judge and the attorneys to present the information relating to the child in a quiet setting. The smaller environment will give you a chance to talk with the attorney and others who are giving testimony about the child’s welfare.

A family law attorney Long Beach CA office can give you details about how the judge might respond to what is said in court. Expect transparency with the hearing. Information about your living situation, your job and how you can best provide for your child will be discussed. There is a possibility that the judge will give partial custody to the parent who displays a better means of supporting the child, but joint custody is also an option.


There will likely be several testimonies during the court hearing. The child might be asked to testify if the child is older. Parents of the child will testify as well as anyone who sees the child on a regular basis, such as teachers or social workers. A Long Beach family attorney can give you tips on preparing for the testimony.
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