Top gift Ideas for Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming parties are fun. This is a time-honored celebration where friends and family recognize how amazing it is for someone to get a new place. Maybe a friend or family member just bought a new home or moved into a new apartment. What a great way to congratulate them! The idea at these parties is to bring a gift that your friend will be able to use in their new home—something that makes it more homey, such as a pot of ivy. Below are a few other ideas.

Le Creuset | Wayfair-Most newly wed couples or new homeowners could use cookware. Buy something nice that will last them for years.

Description: Le Creuset

Sony KD55X750H/A 55″ Class / X750H Series /4K UHD /TV /Smart /LED /HDR ( Smart TV will be the best gift they get. It has all the newest features and is 55 inches wide with great picture and sound. It’s available on financing for low monthly payments.

Description: Sony KD55X750H/A 55" Class / X750H Series /4K UHD /TV /Smart /LED /HDR

Mueller Electric Hand Mixer, 5 Speed Mixer-These are not as fancy as the big stand mixers but they are useful and cost under $30.

Evo 8″ Tablet 16Gb Water Resist ( about $100 you can get your friend a great tablet computer. These are handy and convenient and they fit nicely in a handbag.

Description: Evo 8" Tablet 16Gb Water Resist

Personalized Doormat // Hand-Painted Door Mat // Personalized | Etsy-These are easy to personalize and they’re so useful.

Description: Personalized Doormat // Hand-Painted Door Mat // Personalized image 0

No matter what you get, remember that you can sometimes finance your purchase. Low interest financing is a wonderful way to get an expensive gift for your friend or family member for low monthly payments.