1 day fast

A 1 day fast won’t be good for anything other than helping you recover from having 3 slices of pizza for dinner yesterday, assuming you allowed your son, or some other person in your life, to talk you out of your plan to prepare a nice healthy dinner of zucchini with mango sauce served with wild rice and into ordering fattening meat pizzas from pizza hut. If you did do that, then a 1 day fast might help to prevent that extra fat from sticking to the fat you’re already trying to get rid of.

I’m on a mission to eat nothing today in order to offset my bad dinner choice yesterday. So far so good, but then it’s only 7:06AM. In addition to eating nothing ( I will drink water throughout the day), I will do 3 different workout sessions today. I’ll do a 15 minute foga session (foga is my word for fake yoga. Since I do my own yoga-like stuff off the top of my head I call it foga). It’s really just some stretching, wall headstands and handstands that I do to wake up my brain and help myself stay focussed throughout the day. It has been helping greatly depression. So I’ll be doing that at 8 o’clock. Then at noon I’ll do some dance aerobics for 40 minutes. Then at 5 o’clock I’ll do another foga session.

Hopefully I can keep myself busy and stress-free enough throughout the day to make this process easier. I find when I am busy and not under a great deal of stress it’s easier for me to control my eating.

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