6 famous rich women who have had the spotlight shone on them this weekend

It is 11:32AM. I’m about to take a break to go make myself some lunch. Here are some pictures of 6 famous rich women who have had the spotlight shined on them this weekend. I don’t really envy these women their fame; but I wouldn’t mind having their fortune.

Angelina Jolie was seen at the press conference for her film “The Changeling” and also at the New York Film Festival Premiere of the film. Beyonce was inducted into the International Pediatric Hall of Fame, Katie Holmes was seen leaving from the Ethel Barrymore Theatre where she’s performing in “All My Sons”, Madonna was performing during her Sticky & Sweet concert in New Jersey, Mariah Carey hosted “An Evening At The Bank Nightclub At The Bellagio” in Las Vegas, and Barbara Walters was at the Times Center in New York for the 4th Annual New York Times Great Children’s Read.

Images: wireimage.com

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