6 Key Profiles of the Rich—Where they live—How they work—what they want & what they look for in you?

You know what’s funny, I’ve never fantasized about meeting rich people. I’ve fantasized about being rich, but never about meeting rich people; and I don’t really understand people who fantasize about meeting rich people either. Why would I care what the rich look for in me? Who the heck are they that I should try to make sure I have the qualities they will approve of?

I was reading the Amazon Product description for Ginie Polo Sayles book “How to meet the Rich: For Business, Friendship, or Romance”. I was considering buying the book to read it so I can write a review of it; but from the description it doesn’t sound like something I would be able to read without becoming disgusted. I don’t believe it’s okay for people to go around thinking there’s a superior class and an inferior class. To me that’s no more acceptable than going around with the mentality that there’s a superior race and an inferior race. Frankly I think what’s needed is for the pretentious rich to be brought down to earth, not for us to make being pretentious the ideal and aspire to achieve something that is unreal.

I respect Ginie Polo Sayles for rising above poverty to become a woman of means and gain that place in high society and the rich husband she so coveted; but I don’t see what’s so admirable in a person who thinks people are only worthy if they have money and status. People who think like that who don’t have money or status go through life believing they’re worthless. I know such a person personally. This person reminds me very much of the way Ginie Polo Sayles describes herself. She will go so far as to drive through the Hamptons just to feel closer to where she wants to be, and it makes her feel good to breathe the air in the Hamptons; but the air where she lives makes her feel suicidal. She wants rich friends. She wants to attend the parties and “be somebody”. Because you’re only somebody if rich people think you’re worthy of being in their presence.

No thank you. I want money; but I have no need to go around thinking I’m better than anybody else. I have no desire to know rich people and be liked by them. So I really don’t care what rich people look for in me.

In case you want to read the book: How to meet the Rich: For Business, Friendship, or Romance

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