8 questions I would ask Leona Helmsley

She’s of course deceased but if I could interview Leona Helmsley I would ask her the following:

1. What happened between you and your sisters that was so bad that you did not attend their funeral when they died?

2. What happened between you and the two grandchildren you disinherited that was so bad that you decided not to leave them any money?

3. Did you consider yourself to be as mean as other people considered you to be?

4. What did you think of Donald Trump?

5. There are plenty of women who would love to be able to find and marry a rich man. What was your strategy for getting Harry Helmsley to leave his wife and marry you?

6. Do you think you should have been made to serve time in prison for tax evasion?

7. Why did you leave your dog Trouble millions of dollars? Don’t you think the money would have been better served donated to a charitable organization  dedicated to providing food for poor children to eat?

8. You are made out to be a cold-hearted rich bitch who didn’t care the slightest bit about other people. Aside from your dog Trouble, is there anyone that you loved dearly and had a tender relationship with?

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