A look at diet pills

I have never taken diet pills. Well, actually that’s not exactly true. I did take a single dexatrim once when I was about 17. I was weighing about 90 pounds at the time and thought I was fat so I wanted to find a way to lose weight. I didn’t understand that dexatrim was an appetite suppressant, so it wouldn’t exactly work for someone who already had a pretty good routine going of suppressing her appetite and not eating for days. I found out the hard way that dexatrim was not made for girls on the verge of developing anorexia nervosa. After my experience with that one (literally 1 single) dexatrim I’ve never again tried diet pills.

I’ve always been skeptical that diet pills even work in the first place; but considering how many women are out there popping pills to lose weight and keeping the diet pill market thriving, I would guess at least a few of the myriad products available on the market must help some women achieve their weight loss goals.

There are hundreds of diet pill products on the market today. The list includes products with names such as Nuphedragen, LipoSeduction 2250, curvatrim, hydroxycut, phentramine, hoodia, adipex, ephedra, chitosan, Cytodyne Taraxatone just to name a few.

Personally I would not take these products or any other diet pills; but countless women do use diet pills; and I suppose someone who has practiced chewing up and spitting out food in order not to gain weight shouldn’t dare preach to women about using diet pills. However, if you’ve never taken diet pills and you’re at the stage of wondering if using pills to lose weight is the answer for you, it is a good idea to do plenty of research. These days you have no excuse for wasting your money on products that don’t work or are dangerous, because there are plenty of places on the Internet where you can find women talking about diet pills that work for them and products that didn’t work. You can easily find reviews and other useful information about countless dieting methods and diet products. There is no reason that you should end up getting cheated out of money or putting your life at risk.

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