A so-called ‘Toxic Blonde’ calling herself spoiledrichbitch has raked in thousands of dollars worth of gifts from men for dominating and abusing them

Imagine getting men from all over the world to buy you whatever your heart desires for the pleasure of being abused and dominated by you? I won’t pretend to know exactly what is going down with the hot young blonde who goes by the names “Toxic Blonde” and “spoiledrichbitch”. It seems to me that she is managing to get men to send her cash, gift cards, clothing, accessories, household decor items and anything else she might fancy without giving them anything tangible in return. Again, I could be way off base. Maybe she does meet these men in person but from all appearances, all she does is make demands for money and merchandise from her ‘slaves’, and then performs on video or audio for the ones who earn a reward by meeting her demands. It would appear she generally gets whatever she wants. Her Amazon wish list of items received fills 49 pages and includes items such as the ones shown below which range in price from $219 – $775:

You have to give this girl credit. Most of us can’t get a man to buy us a coffee and here she is getting what seems like it must amount to 6 digit figures worth of gifts and money. She’s definitely not one to let shame get in the way of ambition. Neither is she afraid to use her assets to her advantage. Say what you will about a girl like that but she’s getting what she wants out of life and she’s the one on control of her destiny.

Note: (spoiledrichbitch left me a message on her page with an invitation to email her if I’m curious). I was not able to find a contact email and considered leaving a comment but was disinclined to go through signing up for a live journal account so hopefully she will see this note)

To spoiledrichbitch:  I was in no way trying to insult you and suggest you are doing anything for which to be shameful. It was more or less a comment to the expectation of shame that society tells us we’re supposed to feel when we do things they tell us we’re not supposed to do. I realize I should probably have contacted you and I would love to chat with you. Where can I find your contact email? I didn’t really spend that much time browsing through your wish list. I simply arranged the items in order from most to least expensive. Now that I think about  it that was kind of invasive and I apologize; but I am still a fan. Right now I am sitting with a string of beads around my neck wondering if I have the nerve to strangle myself to escape my financial crises. I wish I had the ability to come up with a creative way to get out of my rut so I can give you nothing but praise. And I hope I haven’t further insulted you by trying to explain that that’s not what I was trying to do.

Images: Amazon.com

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