Abigail Johnson is a very rich woman

Abigail JohnsonAs of February 2008, Abigail Johnson, president of Fidelity Investment’s Personal and workplace investing and daughter of Edward Crosby “Ned” Johnson III Fidelity’s sitting board chairman has a reported net worth of US $15 billion. How would you like to be Abigail Johnson?

But you can’t really call Abigail Johnson a self-made billionaire. She was born into a rich family and has worked in the family business, once owning the biggest share percentage of Fidelity stock. She can’t really be an inspiration for women who are trying to take absolutely nothing and turn it into millions of dollars because she has never started with nothing. She has no idea of that kind of predicament, being faced with an empty slate and having to perform the miracle of drawing your dream life upon in and then breathing life into the drawing to create reality.

Nevertheless, Abigail Johnson is a very rich woman, coming in at #43 on Forbes World’s Billionaires list. She is 46 years old as of June 11th, 2008.

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