Anna Coulling is my new forex trading inspiration

From the sound of what Anna Coulling writes on her incredibly informative website about forex trading, she is now trading forex full time and clearly doing well; but she did not start out making money from her first trade. Maybe she did not lose $1000 in her first 4 days of trading, but it is still encouraging to know that a woman who is currently enjoying success as a forex trader started with a similar story of losing money trading forex.
In Anna’s words:

I am now a full time online forex trader working from home, but started investing and trading nearly ten years ago. I began, because at the time I was working for someone in the industry, whose response, when I asked if he could explain something was, ” if I tell you that then you’ll know as much as me”. I took the decision there and then to learn for myself. I made many mistakes along the way, and wasted thousands on training courses run by so called experts. I have also lost money (and thus learnt how to trade safely the hard way)….

You can read the complete details on Anna’s website at Maybe I’ll try to get a hold of Anna and see if she has any advice for women like me just getting started in forex trading.

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