Apparently Natalie Dylan still hasn’t lost her virginity

Remember that girl Natalie Dylan who was auctioning off her viriginity a while back? Well it seems she hasn’t lost her the big V yet. She’s going to be appearing on the Tyra Banks show today where she’ll meet one of her highest bidders.

Natalie has apparently so far received bids from over 5000 men in amounts ranging from 1 million to 3.5 million. Wow! In the interview Tyra tells her she doesn’t really look like a virgin but admits society tends to stereotype women who dress sexy.

Here’s hoping Natalie is smart enough to get her money upfront or get the offer in writing in a legally binding contract. It would be a shame to go through all this only to have the winner walk away with her virginity without paying her a dime.

Can you imagine it though? One night of sex and you’re a millionaire. Want to sell your virginity? Let me know, I’ll announce it here for you.

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