Apparently Rihanna is not a rich woman – only worth $20000?

Long story short Rihanna, the Barbadian singing sensation, apparently has only $20,000 to her name. At least that was the case back in August assuming the reports are not false. It’s September so things might be different now; but according to published reports back in August, Rihanna’s net worth was $20,000.

Of course Rihanna has earned much more than that over the course of her budding career. She had a little bit over 1 million to her name but it was apparently all spent on music videos, rights to songs and stuff like that, and Rihanna had no idea until she discovered she only had $20,000 in her account.

This could all be a made up story as there’s no mention of it from reputable news sources. Rihanna — The Take A Bow Songbird Is Now Reportedly Broke!!!

Rihanna has since fired her manager Patricia Williams. If it’s true about Rihanna being down to $20,000 she need not worry. She’s big enough to command million dollar fees for 1 hour performances. All she needs to do is get word out that she’s available for hire. Or she could host a couple of parties or something. The holidays are coming up. She’s got the name, the face and the body. She’ll make up that loss in no time. As a matter of fact Jay-Z has probably already sent her a few million to help her keep the bills paid while she works on sorting out her mess.

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