Are rich women more likely to have abortions than poor women?

Came across a post on flickr titled “So I had an abortion”. I don’t recommend reading it yourself if you are offended by the f-word and the c-word (the one that Jane Fonda used on TV during her Good Morning America interview. Or was it the “Today Show”? Was it even Jane Fonda? Don’t know. Didn’t actually see the interview. Only read about it. And if you still don’t know what C-word I’m referring to, well, it’s a vulgar word that’s used as a synonym for vagina and it rhymes with “hunt”)

The flickr post in question is pretty offensive. Not sure what the writer was going after. I’m assuming it was meant to offend. It was probably written by someone who is against abortion and wanted to paint women who have abortions in a callous light.

I won’t get into the pro-life/pro-choice debate; but I do wonder what the statistics are on abortion rates across income levels.

Let’s say a rich woman gets pregnant and a poor woman gets pregnant and neither one wants to be a mother, is one more or less likely than the other to have an abortion because of being rich or being poor? Does a wealth mentality or a poverty mentality play any factor in a woman’s decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy?

Photo Credit: So I had an abortion, originally uploaded by ♥ shhexycorin ♥.

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