Are you a rich bitch?

Dear Rich bitch, are you rich and are you a bitch and do you have an itch? Why is your site called rich bitch itch if you aren’t rich, a bitch, or don’t have an itch? Cassie

Dear Cassie, no I am not rich and I am not a bitch if you mean to ask if I am

a female dog or female of other species of animals where the female is called a bitch

(according to Miriam Webster 10th Edition Collegiate dictionary) a malicious, spiteful, or domineering woman; a lewd or immoral woman

I am actually dirt poor and I don’t consider myself malicious, spiteful, lewd or immoral. I might be a bit domineering. I do tend to want things the way I want them. That can result in people calling you a bitch at times. I do also sometimes let my irritation with others show and that also at times results in people calling you a bitch.

As to why my site is called “rich bitch itch”, well, in one of my moments of being fed up with being poor and working so hard but not having any money to show for it, I decided to start a new website dedicated to my frustration with poverty and my intention to do something about it. I tried to come up with a name for this website. “Rich Bitch Itch” popped into my head and I went and registered the name without allowing enough time to go through the stage of analyzing the name, weighing the pros of such a name against the cons and then making a final decison about it.

The “itch” in rich bitch itch really stands for “desire”. It basically means having the desire to be a “rich bitch”, which does not mean having the desire to be like Leona Helmsley or women of her ilk by any means. It just means having the desire to be rich and in control of my life, rich and confident, rich, emotionally strong, mentally sound and in charge of my personal and business affairs.

By the way I didn’t know Leona Helmsley and I am not calling her malicious, spiteful, domineering, lewd or immoral. She lived and died with a reputation for being the “Queen of Mean”, but I am inclined to think she might have been largely misunderstood. Some women are like that. Deep down they are nice people but something inside them doesn’t let them show it. Some life experience builds up a level of hatred and anger inside them and makes it impossible for them to trust anyone but themselves if they even trust themselves. And people react negatively to them because of the bad attitude they put out. It goes on year after year until they reach the point where there’s really no salvation, where even they don’t know anymore that their heart really isn’t made of stone.

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