Bamboo Flooring for the Modern Home

Everyone is seeking a modern home.  Old, broken down, worn out homes, are becoming relics of the past.  Newer is better.  And face it, a lot of the problems associated with an older home are chalked up to the fact that the home is old, things break down, they need replacing, and that just equals more and more money.  Regardless if you have an older home and are remodeling, or you have a brand new home and you get to pick your own flooring, try looking at bambooflooring.

Bamboohardwoodflooring is the next new thing.  It is beautiful, can come in a range of different colors, is good for the environment and does not cost an arm and a leg.   Traditional hardwood floors are taken from a variety of trees around the world.  And those trees are often being destroyed in beautiful rain forests where there are an abundance of animals that depend on them to survive.  Bamboo is a plentiful plant, that can grow in nearly and condition.  By buying bamboo, you can be assured that you will not be harming the earth in any way. 

It also has a unique look to it.  You can even get floatingbambooflooring in your home.  This type of material  works perfect for a rustic country home, because of the rich wood tones, but also can work in a New York studio apartment where everything is minimalistic and chic.  Bamboo can work in any environment, is extremely resistant to spills and stains, and looks good wherever you put it.

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