Bamboo Flooring – Much More Accessible Than in The Past

If you think hardwood floors are the highest quality flooring available for your home or business, you will be excited to hear about an even higher quality of flooring that is trending on the market. Bamboo flooring is twice as hard as traditional oak and is built to stand high traffic areas, high heels, kids, and even pets. Strand bamboo is what the floor is made. These long strips are woven after being heated, pulled in strands, and then compressed under high pressure and temperatures. This method of flooring is not only aesthetically appealing and durable, but it is easy to assemble as well. The click and lock and tongue and groove design make it possible to installed by the average person rather than having to hire professionals. This also allows the prestigious flooring to be installed in difficult to access places, such as basements. Adding to your convenience, this flooring is able to be shaped in anywhere in the US, and even internationally. Furthermore, the bamboo flooring may customized to fit any room by choosing from a variety of colors.

 Woven bamboo flooring is sustainable. Its eco-friendly approach in all stages of production is commendable. It meets the credentials for adhesive membrane by enforcing indoor environmental quality for low emitting adhesives. These floors are certified by the recognized Forest Stewardship Council, meaning the floors are made by following strict regulations when harvesting the precious bamboo. All styles of bamboo flooring meet the standard for formaldehyde emissions, allowing for trace amounts of the substance. Furthermore, formaldehyde-free flooring is also available by special request.

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