My Money Today 07-11-08

My husband has taken the $2.50 that was on my desk so that’s gone. Yesterday I made .39 cents…. I finally decided to face the music and checked my bank account. It’s worse than I feared. $200 in the deficit. $140 of it in overdraft item fees. Bank of America takes $35 every time they pay for a bill that gets processed when there are no funds in your account. It so happens there were four bills that got processed so I had to pay Bank of America $35 4 times. Yahoo has increased the price of their domain renewals from $9.95 per year to $34.95 per year. Huge jump no? One of my domains came up for renewal so they charged my debit card. I wasn’t anticipating that. That was one of the charges paid by Bank of America. I knew I would fall short of the funds to pay my credit card bill so I was expecting the account to be in the deficit by a few dollars; but I definitely wasn’t expecting $200.

The rest of my accounts are in the same state as yesterday. I have $100 in an account but it won’t be accessible until the end of the month. I have $152 on one credit card, $50 on another and maybe just over $100 on another.

I have some bills coming up due pretty soon. My server bill and the cell phone bills. And the light bill has not been paid yet. I’m hoping we have at least until Monday to pay it. Hopefully it’s not scheduled to be disconnected today.

I’d like to try to sell some of my websites but they’re not worth anything right now. They’d sell easily for $30 each; but they have cost me hundreds in time and money to build to this point. Taking $30 for them would be like a drug addict selling a vital organ for drug money. And what the hell is $90 going to do for me? Bring my bank account deficit down to $110?

Things are not looking good….

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