Become A Gold Coin Collector

In 1998 ordinary people became coin collectors.  Their mission was simple, to collect the 50 state coins.  This was quite an undertaking considering that only five came out per year, making this a 10-year project.  Little girls told themselves that they would be in college before they collected all the coins.  Many people started this coin collection, and few finished.  Anyone who collected these coins became an amateur coin dealer.


Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and children would trade coins, or keep a look out for certain ones in order to give to their family members who could not find one.  The coin of Hawaii was particularly hard to find, and people would save them up, trade with people in order to get them and give them to their friends who couldn’t find this coin.


After people collected the 50 state quarters, all attention was turned towards the gold coin.  These 50 individual state quarters, were fun to collect, but a gold coin symbolized America as a whole, which in 2008, was a reminder that everyone needed.  They were given as graduation gifts, and birthday presents.  A collection was not considered complete without this gold coin.


There is something about collecting coins that brings people together.  Even though if you add up the value of the 50 state quarters it only equals $12.50, some people value those collections more than precious metals, because these collections are worth more than their face value.  They hold memories, represent dedication, and bring people together in a common goal.  Coin collecting is an interesting thing indeed

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