Maybe you’re just too stupid to ever become rich trading forex or doing anything else

It seems all of the super rich people in the world, the billionaires, have much bigger brain capacity than the rest of us. As you know, not everybody can get accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton and other Ivy League universities. These schools are for the exceptionally smart among us.

According to various publications, a great many of the world’s billionaires went to Ivy League universities. Even if they didn’t finish their studies because they got bored and chose to leave and go create their billion dollar empires, they were at one time in their lives students at one or the other of the world’s most prestigious  universities.

What does that mean for the rest of us? Well, we shouldn’t  be disheartened by knowing we didn’t have the smarts to get into an Ivy League university or that we only finished one semester of college or never went to college at all. Granted we probably will not ever become billionaires, but then again, we’re not trying to become billionaires. We’ll be okay with just a few million; and the good news is that there are many millionaires who only graduated high school and some who never even graduated from high school. So it’s possible that we can fulfill our dream of having a few million in the bank even if we don’t have the brain capacity of Marilyn vos Savant; but we do still need to know something or have an ability to do something that we can turn into those desired millions.

Where forex is concerned it would seem that success trading forex is easier to achieve with a bigger brain capacity. Take Zoe Cruz for example, Zoe Cruz is a Harvard graduate and was the most powerful woman on Wall street before she was fired from her position as co-president of Morgan Stanley. She was known to  be quite the whiz at foreign exchange currency trading

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