Bedding for a Princess

Your little girl has just gotten her first bed.  Her room has slowly transformed itself into a mix of nursery and young child.  As her mom, you decide that it’s time for a total room revamp.  It is time to give her a room fit for a princess.  And you do all of the normal things, paint the walls, order new furniture, and donate old toys, etc.  But you know that you want to get her a magnificent bed complete with soft bedding.


It’s easy to make a bed look like a princess belongs there.  All it takes is a white iron headboard, footboard, and princess canopy with white billowy drapes.  But as her Mom, you not only want to make it look good, but you also want to make sure that it feel good.


The first thing to do is to get a fitted sheet.  This not only makes it easier to make the bed, it also looks a lot better than some rumpled sheets that barely fit or are too big.  It’s also nice when sleeping to have sheets securely in place that will not fall off, or bunch up when sleeping.


The second thing to do is get a duvet set.  These comforter-like coverings will keep your daughter warm and snuggly at night.  They are also fluffy and cloud-like, enhancing the magical-princess theme of the room.


Last thing is to buy a comforter.  It could be a simple elegant white one, or an elaborate designed one, and then you have a bed fit for a princess.

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