Breast Implants might be the answer to your money problems

Bet you can get a sugar daddy a lot easier with awesome breasts….

The boobs you see belong to Elisabetta Gregoraci. She is an Italian fashion model. She is 28. She’s married to Flavio Briatore. He’s an Italian businessman who is managing director of the Renault Formula One racing team and joint owner of Queens Park Rangers FC (an English football club). He’s 58. That’s a 30-year age difference in case you’re wondering.

Elisabetta was seen flaunting the assets that helped her land her rich husband at the “Elisabetta Gregoraci Presents New Selmark Lingerie Collection” event in Madrid, Spain yesterday.

Honestly, I don’t know Elisabetta Gregoraci. Hadn’t even heard her name before today, so obviously I don’t know anything about her breasts being real or not. They look like implants but just because they look like implants doesn’t mean they are; and really, does it matter? Implants or not they surely helped to get her noticed by Flavio Briatore; and just as his money helped him land a hot babe, her breasts, whether real or implants helped her land a rich husband. For all you gold diggers in training, keep in mind that wealthy businessmen are not stupid. They wouldn’t be wealthy if they were stupid. They’re not going to pay millions to obtain a woman who isn’t worth five hundred dollars in their estimation.

Images: | Pool Shot: Elisabetta Gregoraci 2007 Calendar

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