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Antique shopping can be quite fun.  It’s exciting to scout out a local store, or check out an auction in search of treasure.  Often the easiest way to find antiques is in an antique shop. Now, this might sound a bit obvious, but people tend to avoid these stores because the general consensus is that they only carry junk, and are covered under layers of dust.  But there can be some real finds in those cobwebby corners and nooks and crannies.  For example, its possible to find a few cute clutch purses in not only antique stores, but shoved in the back of some normal clothing stores too.  They might look old, may have some beadwork missing, but these can be a real find.  Many people simple collect these beautiful things, but if you find one in good condition, it can be a great conversational piece among you and your friends when you wear it for a night on the town. Forget about discount designer handbags; get a classic clutch at an antique store.

Antique stores may have crystal brooches in the jewelry section, or even sewn on to some dresses, although this may be a bit old fashioned, its quite easy to take a dress to a seamstress and some more beading, which will result in a simply beautiful dress.  If you just buy a brooch, then you can make it into a pin, or necklace, or put it into a craft that you are making, they are usually not that expensive and are very pretty.


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