Rent a castle

Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent, United KingdomRemember the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Italian castle wedding? I remember because I was maintaining a celebrity blog at the time and had to write about it. The whole thing seemed so over-the-top to me.

But if you have money and can afford to rent a castle in Italy for your wedding why not?

Personally I can’t think of any reason I might need to rent a castle, but it’s nice to know in case I ever needed to rent one, castles can be rented. There are castle rental companies that can help you find castle rentals. You can find them by simply doing a Google search, typing rent castle as your search string.

You can also check out’s 10 Castles you can Rent

Forbes quotes Freda Katrizky, the publisher of Chateaux Prives, as saying:

“A castle embodies luxury, romance and chivalry and is laden with history and tradition.”

But finding a castle to rent might not be as easy for the rest of us as it is for people with Tom Cruise’s fame and fortune. You could probably buy a house with what it costs to rent a castle for a weekend.

The ability to rent castles: one of the perks of being rich and famous….

Image: Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom

Image Credit: © Leeds Castle Foundation

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