Celebrity News

If you’re an entertainment buff like so many of us are, chances are that you like being up-to-date on all of the latest news and rumors regarding your favorite celebrities.  With the world of entertainment being so diverse these days, not to mention who qualifies as a “celebrity” anymore, it can be difficult to stay in-the-know when it comes to the latest gossip coming out of Hollywood.


However, the Internet remains a great source of information for news about movie, TV, and celebrity happenings.  In particular, we are fans of absolutenow.com when it comes to learning the latest tidbits about the stars.  This website has a sleek, uncluttered format that makes it easy to read up on the latest news stories coming out of Hollywood.  The site owners have designed absolutenow.com to be a one-stop resource for more than just celebrity info.  If you’re looking for links to the hottest new movie trailers or info on the latest and upcoming flicks, you’ll find a wealth at your fingertips.  The website also features an extensive collection of photos of your favorite celebrities, organized into libraries by star.   We’re glad that there is a new Hollywood resource out there that is so simple to navigate.  After all, maybe we aren’t all celebs, but our time is valuable, too.

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