The chew it up and spit it out diet

I shamefully admit that I used to practice a diet routine which I referred to as the chew it up and spit it out diet. The idea behind that was that when ever you felt an impulse to eat, rather than struggle with the urge, you went ahead and ate; but instead of swallowing the food, you chewed it up and spat it out being careful not to swallow any part of it, including any liquid resulting from saliva mixing with the food. Yes, it is gross.

What I find interesting is that my chew it up spit it out diet is not original. I decided on a whim today to check and see if other women/girls might use this ‘technique” and lo and behold, I discovered that the chew it up spit it out diet is a method used by anorexics.

I do not advocate getting into a habit of chewing up and spitting out food. It is a smarter idea to practice healthy eating and practice self control so that when you feel impulses to eat outside of your normal eating schedule you can control them. Or better yet keep healthy low-cal fat-free snacks handy for those times when you feel an impulse to eat outside of your regular meal times.

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