If you believe you are rich you will become rich

I came across an article today about manifestation, destiny, abundance and all those good things. It reminded me of when I was 15 and going through the teenage stage of the depression I would carry into my adulthood. A teacher gave me a book to read about creative visualization. I remember how I tried as hard as I could to visualize the life I wanted in the hope of manifesting it. It didn’t take too long for me to conclude that creative visualization was a bunch of baloney. And yet, there are many incidents in my life I could point to when it seemed things happened entirely because I willed them to happen.

Will and determination are completely different from delusion though, and I’m not convinced that there isn’t something delusional about the concept that you can manifest wealth simply by believing you’re already rich; but I’ve decided to conduct a little manifestation experiment.

As I write this post I have less than $100 in my main checking account, $30 in my second checking account, $25 in my savings account, $110 in my PayPal business account, $79.00 in another account, and approximately $800 across 3 credit cards.

What I’m going to do is test the most simplistic of manifestation theories, that if you believe you are already whatever it is you desire to be your life will transform to match your belief. In other words, if you’re not fat worthless and stupid but you go around thinking and believing that you are, your life will soon enough transform to match that believe. You will become worthless fat and stupid. Likewise if you’re poor but you go around thinking and believing that you’re rich, your life will soon enough transform to match that belief. You will become rich.

So from henceforth, I believe I am a rich successful 37-year old business woman. I’m a healthy, sexy size 4 or 5. I’m beautiful, talented, confident and smart. I’m happily married to an honest, good looking, intelligent man and life is unspeakably wonderful.

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