Credit cards are sexy cute and hot

At least that appears to be the message model Megan Gale was sending out at the launch of the “David Jones Credit Card” in Sydney Australia today.

Personally I’ve found credit cards to be impossibly hard not to max out and then find yourself almost having to accept a job cleaning feces at a nursing home to avoid being taken to court for failure to pay off the resulting debt.

As for who Megan Gale and David Jones are? David Jones is a Welsh immigrant to Australia who opened a department store which has earned the distinction of being the oldest department store in Australia and the world, at least according the website. The department store is also named David Jones.

Megan Gale is a 33 year old supermodel and actress who has been called Italy’s hottest star since Sophia Lauren. She’s said to be a rich bitch worth at least one or so million.

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