Dara Ettinger Druzy Rings

There’s nothing quite like a bold piece of jewelry to make a woman feel like the center of attention wherever she goes. Whether you’re talking about a necklace that’s positively dripping with diamonds or a chunky, funky wooden bangle bracelet, a strong accessory can really pull a look together, not to mention demonstrate your confidence to the world. After all, if you’re wearing a piece of jewelry that’s designed to stop traffic and start conversations, you’re not exactly a wallflower.

One of our favorite jewelry styles that we’ve seen lately are the druzy geode rings by designer Dara Ettinger. You know those big plastic rings that teenagers like to wear? Consider these the grown-up, sophisticated version of those rings. Each of these unique pieces is actually carved out of stone, with the shimmering druzy crystals covering the ring’s face. The overall effect is a mass of crystals adorning your hand — a sparkle that you would be hard-pressed to match with other gemstone jewelry. Priced at under $100 and available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, these rings are truly show stopping pieces and a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection.

To learn more about these rings, simply visit Dara Ettinger’s website. She has a variety of other fabulous pieces available too; we’re a fan of her fantastic necklaces. Take a look at her blog entries as well and learn which celebrities are fans of her creations.

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