Dear Tinsley Mortimer

Image: David Skankbone

I see you’re important enough to have your own wiki entry. Well, actually it can’t really be called an entry per se. It’s only one paragraph long and there’s hardly any information in it. I guess every socialite can’t be Ivanka Trump; but at least you’re more important than Georgina Bloomberg. She doesn’t have a wiki page at all. You’d think with all her achievements as an equestrian and that charity she founded a couple years back to donate much needed gently used riding clothes to the under-privileged equestrians of the world, they’d at least give her a wiki page; but no, it seems she doesn’t appear in the gossip columns frequently enough to warrant a paragraph like yours.

Speaking of your paragraph on wikipedia, I’m sure you can update your own wiki page to add more information. I for one would like to know a little bit more about you. I don’t know what it is about your eyes in the picture on your wiki page which I’m also using here. I’m looking at it and I’m thinking you look like you cry a lot when no one’s around; like you curl up in a corner on the bathroom floor and rock back and forth and cry your heart out. Afterward you pull yourself together nicely and get back to looking and acting like the confident rich woman you are; and no one is ever the wiser that you are dying from loneliness inside.

Of course I’m a nutcase who doesn’t get out much and clearly have nothing better to do with my time as evidenced by this letter and this entire website; but seriously, lots of women are hurting but feel like they can’t let the world know about it. This is especially true when the pain they are trying to hide has to do with being unhappy in their marriage. We never want other women to know our marriage sucks when they appear to be perfectly content in theirs, so we choose to suffer. That’s what I’m seeing in your eyes; but again, I’m insane.

Anyway, drop me a line some time and tell me what it’s like to be a rich socialite in New York. I’m not really personally curious, but I’d love to get some feedback from actual socialites as to what it’s like to be a socialite.

By the way, what color was that dress you wore to the 4th Annual Gilda’s Club Red Ball the other day? I’m guessing it was red but it looked hot pink in some of the pictures.

Well, that’s it for now….

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