Dee Ocleppo was supposed to marry Tommy Hilfiger this summer but then things got a little complicated

Tommy Hilfiger made the oddest remark in responding to questions about his relationship with former fiancee Dee Ocleppo. His choice of words to refute claims that they two have broken up were that they still see each other all the time. It just sounds kind of an odd response. “We’ve postponed our wedding but remain a couple” would have sounded more convincing than “We still see each other all the time”. We still see each other all the time sounds like they have in fact broken up but remain friends and still see each other as friends all the time.

There have been rumors that Dee Ocleppo called off the wedding because she wasn’t happy with the terms of the pre-nup. More from

Image: (Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images / February 1, 2008)

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