Did I make a serious mistake buying those 80 shares of Sirius stock

I suppose I should be embarassed worrying about spending money on 80 shares of a stock valued at $0.40 cents per share. It’s not like 80 shares is a big deal. It’s so much nothing it’s laughable, but it’s what I could afford and the $50 I spent (actually $45.90) was money I didn’t have. Considering that, I have to wonder if I really did make a silly mistake buying the shares of Sirius stock. I’ve just finished reading some of the comments to Why Is Sirius XM Radio Stock Going Down? on seekingalpha.com and the general consensus seems to be that Sirius is dead and will never be resurrected.

I’m also concerned about a comment read which seems to indicate that my shares could be reduced from 100 total (80 recently purchased + 20 purchased a few years ago) to 10 if Sirius XM does a reverse split on the price of its stock.

I’m thinking I should have put the money into Google to increase my current fraction of a share of Google stock. Google is down to $328 per share, but will more than likely go back up into the $500 range once the stock market rebounds; but who knows, things might turn around for Sirius once the current stock market crisis is resolved and then I’ll be feeling a lot less silly for having bought the shares. Maybe I’ll even buy another 100 then sell them when/if Sirius gets back to $3.00 which seemed to be its average over the years since I’ve been watching it.

Here’s an article written by Tyler Savery that might help you figure out whether or not to buy sirius stock while it’s available dirt cheap. Sirius Shares Priced Like Stamps

Image: charts.wikiinvest.com

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