Digitized Hairstyle

Whether you’re the type that changes your hair style and color as often as you change your shoes, or your hair has looked the same for longer than you dare to remember, it can be difficult figuring out exactly what you want to do with your locks next.  Maybe you’re one of the lucky few that has a trusted stylist who knows how your hair works and what type of style is best suited for you.  However, most of us don’t have someone that we’re comfortable enough with to risk saying “do what you will” and still expect a result that we’ll be happy with.  How then do you figure out exactly what to tell your stylist to do with your hair?


The answer, as with so many things these days, lies through the power of technology.  Believe it or not, there is actually software that lets you see how different hairstyles will work with your facial structure.  While you can find software like this in computer stores, it’s easier to simply do a search online — there are numerous websites that offer this type of tool for you to use.  Generally, they allow you to upload a photo of your face and then “try on” the sample hairstyles that they have available.  Help narrow down your options or find the perfect style for yourself.  Remember that these high-tech tools can’t tell you if a style will actually work with your hair — count on your stylist for a final opinion.

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