Do I have what it takes to become a rich woman?

woman reading financial section of newspaperDear Diary, I have just read an article about rich women and how, while the number of rich women has increased in recent years, most of these rich women acquired their wealth through inheritance or divorce. The article could name only 3 women on the Fortune 1000 who earned their wealth as the founder or co-founder of a big company. It has got me wondering, how in the world am I going to become a rich woman? Rich women are either sexy and beautiful, talented or smart and I am none of the above.

If I were sexy or beautiful (and young) then maybe I could hope to become a rich woman through divorce. Of course I would first have to find a rich man and get him to marry me. Or I could become a supermodel and overtake Gisele Bundchen as the most highly paid supermodel of all time. But I’m not sexy and I’m not beautiful.

If I could sing then maybe I could become a musical entertainer; or if I could act, maybe I could become rich as an actor. I can turn a tune and I could probably do a better job than some of the actors in Hollywood right now, but at 37 singers and actors are at the end of their career. And even then, the ones who make millions are generally good looking as well as talented. Even if I could start an acting or singing career at age 37, I don’t have the looks that would earn me million dollar salaries or give me that extra boost in appeal that would make my records sell like hotcakes even if my music isn’t really all that good.

So I can’t get rich on talent, and I can’t get rich on beauty. The only thing left is smarts and I can’t get rich on smarts either because I am not smart. I’ll never be the founder of a Fortune 1000 company. So how am I going to become rich?

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