Don’t be so sure that fat free ice cream sandwich is safe to eat while dieting

Alexander Morentin of has a warning for you about fat free products. One fat free product in particular, the Skinny Cow Low-Fat Ice Cream, has been deemed by Mister Morentin as being harmful to dieters. According to the post “Sex, Lies, and Fat-Free Ice Cream” Skinny Cow Low-Fat Ice Cream “will sabotage your weight loss and diet goals” and should avoided like the plague.

Why are ice cream sandwiches even necessary to begin with? Isn’t the ice cream by itself enough of a treat? Aren’t the wafters, or cookies or whatever is used as the top and bottom of the sandwich by themselves enough of a treat? Why do we need to combine them to create something with more of the stuff that’s no good for our bodies?

We seem to always need to go overboard when it comes to food. We can’t just have ice cream. We have to  have ice cream with cookies and cream mixed in. Our burgers have to be a foot high. Our pizzas must have ten toppings and five layers of extra cheese. Our sanwiches must be two feet long and one foot high.

97% fat free or full of fat, Ice cream sandwiches are messy to eat, and they are a completely unnecessary snack. They add no value to your life so you might as well keep them off your shopping list.

Read Sex, Lies, and Fat-Free Ice Cream by Alexander Morentin

Image: carie & ice cream sandwich by nayrb7 via Flickr

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