Don’t drink and conduct business

I decided to have a little rum with sprite today and the consequence? A hugely embarrassing disaster. Thinking I was logging into my own account on Google, I logged into a former client’s account. All of my accounts are saved in my system so I never have to actually type a password. That’s usually a good thing, but it would have saved me from today’s disaster if I’d had to enter a password because I don’t know the password; but unfortunately for me, my dyslexia (self-diagnosed) acted up in the worse way today. I can’t see any other way I ended up in my former client’s account because to get into my account I have to type “L”. Their account starts with “A”. The only thing I can see would be that my brain switched around my name so that I was thinking lastname.firstname instead of firstname.lastname. Otherwise the computer just acted up for some reason. It has done that a number of times where I am 100% sure I’ve logged into one account but I end up in another.

Unfortunately for me, today, it was an account that doesn’t belong to me and which I have no authorization to access since I am no longer under contract with my former client.

Even more unfortunately, when I logged in I was greeted with a message that I needed to update my account. Now, if I had been clear of mind and not under the influence or rum I might have realized immediately that something wasn’t making sense. As it stands, I was in the account for a bit and noticing that things were weird and weren’t adding up; but it was only after going to the “account” tab to check further that I saw a name other than my own and becoming seriously worried now, paid a little bit more attention enough to see that it was my client’s account I was in and not my own. By then I had added an email address to the account to “update” it. So at the end of the day I am going to look like a criminal and all because I was under the influence of liquor.

I am very worried about what is going to happen now because this was a Google account. I have tried to contact my former client who isn’t even the owner of the website any more. I have also tried to contact the website owner; and I have contacted Google. I can only hope that this gets resolved without incident. It certainly goes to prove that drinking is always stupid and can cause more than drunk driving accidents.

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