Enchanting Baltic Vacation

Travelers looking for an enchanting and affordable adventure might consider exploring the Northern European Baltic region. The Baltic States include three small countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Culturally rich and aesthetically beautiful, each country has its own charm. Though located in Northern Europe nestled right below Scandinavia, these countries are entirely unique—historically, culturally, and politically. Considering the abundance of natural beauty, colorful cityscapes, and bustling business areas, the region has experienced a dramatic growth in tourism over the past two decades. Fortunately for tourists, visiting the Baltics is still extremely affordable, despite the high standard of living inhabitants enjoy.

The natural beauty and turbulent history of these countries offers visitors fascinating tours, views, and stories from various eras in modern and ancient history. In 1991, the Baltics gained independence from the former Soviet Union—and have worked tirelessly to promote their own languages, cultures, and economies with great success. Each country has its own landmarks and must-see tourist destinations. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • The colorful, medieval city center of Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a thriving business center. The views from the modern, high-rise hotels in the city are simply incredible.
  • The Lithuanian city of Siauliai (pronounced shoe-lay) with hundreds of wooden and metal crosses placed into the ground in a tradition believed to have begun in the 14th century. Lithuania also hosts a modern capital city Vilnius within a short drive from magnificent, ancient pine and oak forests in the countryside.
  • Latvia boasts the Latvian ethnographic museum that hosts over 121 ancient buildings and thousands of artifacts in the context of how they were used in everyday life by Latvian peoples at different locations and points in history.
  • All of the Baltics are also known for their plentiful—and relatively inexpensive—amber, though be sure to ask for specifics on filling out customs declarations before you go (and more importantly, before leaving).

While Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania hold quaint villages and historic landmarks, their capitals (Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius) are unmistakably modern—and bustling! Each country has been a member of the European Union and NATO since 2004. Their economies have all experienced rapid growth over the past two decades. Estonia is the most expensive Baltic destination, reflecting its economic leadership with start-ups based in its capital of Tallinn, including the now world-famous Skype. If you haven’t ever considered visiting the Baltics, now is the time! The nations sit on the Gulf of Finland, meaning gorgeous summer views over the Baltic Sea. For more information, check out the Baltic tours at Jetvacations.com.

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