Feeling lucky tonight? Play the lottery

As they used to say in New York Lottery ads “All you need is a dollar and a dream”. Sometimes it’s okay to play the lottery. You don’t want to play too frequently because your dollars add up; but sometimes it’s okay to play. As they say, you never know. Here are some numbers for you to play. You should know they have come out of the head of the world’s most unlucky person; but again, you never know. Maybe my bad luck will prove to be your good luck, so without further ado here are my lucky number picks:

For lottery games with 5 numbers: 2,6,15,17,26

For lottery games with 6 numbers: 2,11,12,16,29,46,

For lottery games with 5 numbers plus a powerball number: 20,30,34,44,49 [50]

Image: Scratching Scratch Tickets at the Colorado State Fair by Jeffrey Beall via Flickr

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