Filthy rich accident of the universe seeking lady who is into arson

Here’s something you don’t read everyday. Some young man in his sexual prime referring to himself as “a filthy rich accident of the universe” with “oodles of everything that you could possibly want in a man”, is looking for a lady who likes arson, cunnilingus and magic tricks, among other things. Is this you? Do you like arson, cunnilingus and magic tricks? If yes, you might indeed be the perfect match for this self-admitted nut case.

In all likelihood this ad was placed by a kidder who is in no way serious about anything he’s said, including the part about being filthy rich, but hey, you never know right? Unlikely does not equal impossible.

The ad poster claims he’s 18 and looking for someone who wants to be the “one-in-a-trillion woman that can complete the circle of this magnificent universe that I have (humbly and respectfully) created out of nothing but my will and determination.”

Personally I think this ad was posted by an insane recluse in his 30s – 50s who is looking for someone to cook and eat; but if you’re a brave soul tempted by the claim of obscene wealth, try your luck at

Note: Image is not associated with the person described in the ad

Image: Willfield by orangeacid via Flickr

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