Fit stomach

Fit StomachI never thought about needing to have a fit stomach until I developed the problem with fibroids I’ve mentioned in several other posts. This post is directed to anyone with fibroids, but is also useful if you’re just struggling with your efforts to have a flat stomach.

First of all, if you’re over 30 and feel like you’ve been doing everything to try to flatten your tummy but nothing has been working, you might want to consider the possibility that something else is at the root of your problem getting your stomach flat. They say 2-3 out of every 10 women over 30 have fibroids. You could be one.

If you already know you have fibroids, unless you have your fibroids removed, if your fibroids are causing you not to have a flat stomach, there really isn’t much you are going to be able to do to get a flat stomach; but you can do a few things to reduce the size of your stomach so that it doesn’t appear to protrude as much.

From my own personal experience of having 3 large fibroids for more than a year now, I have accepted that I cannot be concerned about having a flat stomach any more. Unless I choose to remove the fibroids, until they shrink (fibroids shrink after menopause) my stomach is not ever going to be flat again. So these are my choices:

  • Get the fibroids removed (in my case that would mean a hysterectomy)
  • Find a way to shrink fibroids (in that case I will become rich over night)
  • Modify my eating and exercising habits so that I’m not dealing with a large tummy due to a combination of fibroids, fat and over-stuffed intestines.
  • Dress in styles that draw attention away from the stomach

I have already decided against having a hysterectomy and I’m not a scientist so I’m not in a position to even know how to go about trying to find a way to shrink fibroids; but I do have complete control over my exercising and eating habits and up to a point, the way I dress.

For me the concern now isn’t about having a flat stomach. It’s about having a fit stomach even with fibroids, meaning, I am focussed on not having excess stomach fat, excess waist fat or love handles. I am also focussed on not overeating because overeating causes the stomach to expand. So my goals each day are to diet for the purpose of getting rid of excess fat, then after that continue to eat sensibly for the purpose of not building up excess fat again, exercising to stay fit physically and mentally and dressing to minimize the appearance of my protruding tummy.

If fibroids are not your problem and you’re doing crunches and situps every day trying to get a flat stomach but nothing is working, based on what I’ve been reading and what has been proving to be true for me, all the crunches and sit-ups in the world won’t flatten your stomach if you have fat tissue that needs dissolving first.

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