Forex trading as a home-based business for women?

Hmm, I decided to try to look up information about women who have made their fortunes in forex trading and I was sidetracked by an article about forex trading as a viable option for women looking for a way to stay at home and still contribute to the family income. Obviously I am new to the world of forex trading and not qualified to encourage or discourage any woman from getting into forex trading as a means for making an  income working from home; but it would seem to me that with the high risk of losing money that comes with forex trading this would not be a wise choice for a woman looking for a way to make money. The experts warn against trading forex or taking any other kind of financial investment risk unless you have capital to risk, and presumably a woman looking for a work at home job so she can contribute to the family income doesn’t have capital to risk.

By all means learning Forex trading could provide a woman with the option to trade forex if she felt confident in her ability to make money once she’s mastered the art of trading, but to risk money if you don’t know anything about forex trading would not be wise in my opinion.

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