Forex trading – lose $1000 in 4 days

Looking to lose $1000 in 4 days? Then definitely open a forex trading account with $2500 and open trades with 200:1 leverage. Aside from simply taking $1000 and tossing it out your car window while you’re driving, there’s probably no quicker and easier and more certain way to lose $1000 in 4 days. Unless you’re a celebrity at any rate. In that case you can lose $1000 in 4 minutes buying a salad at some posh restaurant in Manhattan.

Guess what? I’ve lost $1000. You probably knew I would though didn’t you? I’ve cried my heart out and now I have to pull myself together and figure out how to make this money back. And no, don’t worry, I won’t be trying to make it back by trading currency in the forex market.

I said I wasn’t going to regret my choice no matter how things turned out for me. It’s a little hard not to wish I hadn’t ever come up with this brilliant idea to get into forex trading; but since I said I wasn’t going to let myself regret my decision, I’ll work harder to avoid wishing I’d taken the money and done something smarter with it.

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