Forex trading platforms

My last several days have been spent trying out different forex trading platforms. As it turns out I can’t use etoro even if etoro might be legitimate. It appears they don’t allow accounts to be started by people in the US. It’s just as well, with all the disdain being heaped towards etoro I was more inclined to try a little harder to figure out how to use some of the other trading platforms. I do believe at the end of the day that we are as capable or as incapable as we deem ourselves. If I continue to tell myself that there’s no way I will be able to understand how those other trading platforms work then I will never be able to understand how those other trading platforms work not because in reality something is wrong with my brain that makes understanding how they work impossible, but because I am programming my brain to freeze up at the mere thought of trying to understand.

So I have been trying out some other forex trading platforms and I am actually beginning to figure out how to work them. The hubby and I spent a few minutes yesterday trying to get my brain wrapped around the chart movements. He’s not formally educated but he’s knowledgeable in ways that come in handy.

Of course I am still only practicing trading. And yes, I am perfectly well aware that forex trading comes with high risks of losing your money;  but I am still determined to give it a try to see if I can make some money doing it. Not trying something because it’s too risky means you will never know how it could have turned out, which is safe enough I guess, but in this situation I prefer to try and fail than not to try at all out of fear of failure. Losing money isn’t like losing your life after all.

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