Former investment banker and entrepreneur drives a Ferrari and a BMW looking for fun energetic girl who looks good in the passenger seat of an Aston Martin

If you’re fun, energetic and make for a nice car interior decorative piece, there’s a 23 year old former investment banker and entrepreneur who might be interested in meeting you. His only requirements are that you look good in an Aston Martin when in London and even better in a Ferari F430 when in Los Angeles. Seems the guy lives in London so you should probably live there yourself. You should also probably take his ad with a grain of salt.

A 23-year old investment banker who has done so well for himself already that’s he’s been able to afford to retire and he’s having to resort to taking out an ad on an obscure website? Seems highly unlikely; but in the event you might want to take your chances, here’s the ad: Ridiculously rich man looking for a nice girl

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Image credit: icanteachyouhowtodoit via flickr

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