Furnishing a Beach House with Outdoor Wicker

If you are looking to furnish that beach house you just spent half your life savings on, look no further than wicker dining furniture.  Wicker furniture can be split into two categories, outdoor wicker, and indoor wicker.  Most of us are familiar with outdoor wicker, but indoor wicker might seem a little ridiculous for most normal homes, and yet at the beach, wicker is totally in!  Think about how a couple of nice wicker chairs in a living room or a sun room would look; now picture those same chairs in a quaint living room of a beach house, under beautiful sky lights, bathed in natural light. 

If you are not a huge fan of wicker, there are many other similar types of furniture, including woven rattan and seagrass furniture.  Seagrass and rattan can be woven into any number of objects, including baskets, chairs, tables, sofas, and several other items.  While rattan is a land plant, seagrass is marine, and grows only in a saline based environment, which makes it even more appealing to beachgoers.  If you are looking for something softer than wicker, seagrass is your best bet for anything from end tables to sofas.

So when you begin to create a layout for your new beach house, and you get stuck wondering what kind of wood to use, maybe it would be best to stay away from wood, by going with something more exotic.  Try using wicker or seagrass and see the difference it can make in your home.

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