FXCM scam complaints worrisome

The more I dig the more concerned I become about creating a forex trading account with FXCM. I am starting to feel some of the same disappointment I felt when I came across the etoro scam complaints. The FXCM Trading Station was fairly easy to get a grasp of by comparison to other platforms I’ve tried. It’s not designed like etoro to make trading appear to be more like fun and games, but it doesn’t over complicate matters either. It makes it fairly easy to pick up some basic forex trading skills while practicing.

But now that I’ve learned that the demo environment is not “exactly” the same as the live trading environment, I feel like I’ve just been wasting my time. I’ve learned a great deal so in that sense the practice sessions have been useful, but what’s the point of getting used to trading in the demo environment if the live environment isn’t exactly the same?

And then there are all the complaints I keep finding about FXCM. It’s nearly impossible to know if they are all complaints from customers who take the typical route of blaming everyone but themselves when things go wrong, or if in fact FXCM is in the business of scamming newcomers to the forex trading world who are not well enough educated about forex trading to know they are being scammed until all their money is gone?

It is quite frustrating because it is obvious that forex trading itself is a legitimate way to make money assuming you are able to trade successfully; but because retail forex traders have no means to get directly involved and have to go through dealers and brokers they are pretty much at the mercy of these brokers and dealers; and it appears there are more scam dealers and brokers than there are legitimate dealers and brokers.

I have downloaded another platform called CitiFX Pro from Citi Financial in association with Saxo Bank. I figured Citi Financial wouldn’t go out there trying to scam anybody right? They are too recognizable a name, too large and well-known a company. But CitiFX Pro, their forex trading platform is a bit difficult to figure out how to use. I’ve tried on several different occasions to figure out how to use it but to no avail. It is plain and unimpressive, cluttered and not the least straight forward.

Why is it so difficult to find a legitimate forex broker with a trading platform that is straight forward enough to use?

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