FXCM scam forex

As previously mentioned I have lost $1000 in my first 4 days of trading with FXCM. Can I claim now that FXCM is a scam? I could do that I suppose, as it would give me an excuse and possibly reduce my embarrassment some; but in all honesty I could not claim FXCM is a scam as I would have nothing with which to back up the claim.

Here’s what concerns me:

Mind you I have only had the 4 days of live trading experience; but I did find it “interesting” how much more difficult it is to make a profit when trading in live mode by comparison to the experience of demo trading. I do believe there is a possibility that market conditions this week were not ideal for a new trader. I would rather believe that market conditions along with bad entry points resulted in my losses. And once I began to lose consistently I began to panic and grow desperate, leading to more bad entries and panic moments when trades were closed that should have stayed open a little while longer.

As for the question of  whether or not FXCM is a scam:

There were some points at which there seemed to be a lack of congruence whereby the behavior of a currency pair in correlation to another pair seemed off.

There were also some occasions when it seemed like someone was having some fun dangling a bone in front of a hungry dog; but just when the dog was ready to bite, they ran away with the bone laughing. Of course this is more than likely just the paranoia of someone in the midst of losing money. I did wonder a few times if there was someone laughing on the other end with each of  my losses gloating, “It’s like taking candy from a baby.” But again, I would lean more towards believing I was simply being paranoid and wanting someone other than myself to blame for the nightmare unfolding before me.

Is  FXCM a scam? I don’t know. There’s no way you can know. No one claiming they are scammers can prove that they are. But because there is not any real proof that they do manipulate trades to make sure you come out a loser does not mean they do not manipulate trades. They can see everything you’re doing. You can see nothing they are doing and you are essentially at their mercy in that regard. You simply trust that you are dealing with an upright broker and that you are losing fairly and squarely.

One thing I will tell you–don’t start an account with $2500. It’s not enough. Not even close. Don’t trade if you have anxiety problems. Don’t trade if you are currently struggling with depression. Don’t trade if you  lack dicipline. Don’t trade if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Don’t trade if you can’t deal with losing money.

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